[cvsnt] Read-Write

Aleksander Pahor Aleksander.Pahor at hermes-softlab.com
Thu Apr 5 11:48:19 BST 2007

>Can you please try setting the most restrictive access on the directory
>and override that rule for all other files for all other users?

>Ie: noread on the directory then "read" on the files you DO WANT THEM TO

My server version is still CVSNT server version: I didn't upgrade yet...

I tried your scenario. I created a dir named "test". Acl was noread,nowrite ... (tried with none as well). In this dir there were two files. One had read,nowrite; the other one noread,nowrite. When I did a new checkout there was no dir. Then I changed the acl of "test" to read,write and did a update. "Test" was created with both files inside.



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