[cvsnt] unexpected '\x73' reading

Simon Renshaw simon at benchmarkconsulting.com
Thu Apr 5 16:31:47 BST 2007

Hi Arthur,

Guess this is my mistake but because of NT, I thought that CVSNT was a
Windows version of CVS :) Look like I was wrong. So basically it is an
improved version of CVS? 

If I upgrade the server to CVSNT, my repositories will be intact?

Can this problem be caused because the client and the server are not the

I can checkout the code without problems in Eclipse.

And how would I check RCS files for corruption?


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> [log]cvs [log aborted]: unexpected '\x73' reading revision number in
RCS file foo

That error is coming from the server.

I recommend you check the server RCS files for corruption then upgrade
the linux server to the linux version of CVSNT



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