[cvsnt] Triggers file

Trevor Hughes tdhughes at taccts.com
Mon Apr 23 05:45:49 BST 2007

I'm trying to modify the standard script.vbs file for use with triggers. 
I'm trying to read the commandline arguments so I can use them to launch an 
exter exe.  to do this, I am using the following code to iterate through the 

set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
WScript.Echo "Total number of arguments: " & WScript.Arguments.Count
for each strArg in objArgs
 WScript.Echo strArg

I always get Script error: Object required: 'WScript'.  Reasearch tends to 
indicate that this is because wscrpt is not available, but a line later to 
create wscript.shell does work, so, to me, this reduces the potential that 
wscript not being available is the problem.  Have any of you seen a similar 
problem and, if so what the blank did you do about it.  I know I can kill my 
implementation if I can sole this problem, as it is the only real problem 
across the project.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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