[cvsnt] Preventing LF->CRLF conversion

Jim Hyslop jimh at view22.com
Tue Apr 24 17:25:12 BST 2007

Sargon wrote:
> Is there a way to prevent the LF->CRLF conversion of cvsnt 
> when retrieving non-binary files from a Unix-server?
> Our repository contains shell scripts, which we want to 
> execute under the Cygwin environment. If these files don't 
> have UNIX line endings, that's not possible. Using the cvs 
> package of Cygwin solves this problem, but since it's a 
> terrible package performancewise, we'd prefer to use cvsnt.

I've never had any problem running shell scripts with CRLF line endings.
In any case, 'cvs co -kb' should suppress conversion. It will, however,
also suppress keyword expansion, which may not be desirable. There may
be other options to the -k switch - have a look at the online

I'm curious about these performance problems. The Cygwin cvs client
should perform reasonably well.


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