[cvsnt] Please help with moving of repositories

Chaz chaz.virtual at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 13:23:33 BST 2007

Hi Gerhard,

Thank you very much for your response.

The CNSNT version on the source Windows machine is "CVSNT 2.5.01 (Travis) 
Build 1927".

The CVS version on the Linux machine is "<CVS> 1.11.1p1 <client/server>".

As far as the 2 repositories on the Windows machine are concerned, I copied 
these to the target Windows machine ok.

The other concern with Linux to Windows copy is the LF to CR/LF conversion 
of line-ends in ASCII files, and the files on Linux that are actually 
"links" to files. The thought that I would need some kind of import instead 
of using a copy mechanism stems from these issues.

I will appreciate any further guidance in this regard.


"Gerhard Fiedler" <lists at connectionbrazil.com> wrote in message 
news:1pkaxnd7tyodh$.dlg at connectionbrazil.com...
> Chaz wrote:
>> My post of 28th refers. This is a further request for someone to please
>> provide me with some guidance regarding moving / re-locating of CVS and
>> CVSNT repositories.
>> I have 2 repositories on a Windows machine, using CVSNT, and one on a 
>> Linux
>> machine, using CVS.
>> I wish to transfer these repositories in their entirity, including 
>> history,
>> to a new Windows-based machine on which I have installed CVSNT.
>> Thus far I have been told that as far as CVSNT is concerned, a Windows 
>> copy
>> of the repositories on the Windows source machine can be placed on the 
>> new
>> machine.
>> As far as the repository on Linux is concerned I was advised to use FTP 
>> to
>> transfer the repository to the Windows machine. I tried this, but after
>> completion noticed a large difference between the number of files and
>> folders on the source and target.
> Then there was something wrong with the ftp transfer. Maybe a permissions
> issue? In any case, you need to copy those files (all of them) to the
> Windows machine.
>> My gut feel tells me that I would first need to create the 3 new
>> repositories on the target machine,
> That's correct. But you also can copy first and then set up the copied
> trees as repos. AFAIK the only difference is that in the first case, you
> get all the default CVSROOT files (which you then replace at least
> partially with yours from the other installations).
>> and then use some tool to import the 3 existing repository's contents
>> into the 3 new repositories.
> That "tool" is file copy, be it directly network copy or ftp or anything
> else.
> Discard what I wrote about merging the CVSROOTs over in the TCVS list :)
> Since you want to keep the three repos separate, there's no need. But you
> still may have to review and update the trigger scripts (if any). And set
> up all user permissions.
> One thing that could provide you with more pointers is if you would list
> here the CVS(NT) versions involved (that is, all four of them).
> Gerhard 

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