[cvsnt] Quick question regarding EXCLUSIVE FILE LOCKING in WinCVS

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Sun Dec 9 01:00:14 GMT 2007


> Does WinCVS (2.0) support Exclusive file locking or does it 
> only support
> the 'Reserved Edit/Watchers' type of locking?

It's a feature of CVSNT server - it's got (very little) to do with the
client.  See the thread 'Cannot use WinMerge to vew revision diffs on
ISOfiles...'.  Whether a file is 'reservered' (exclusive) or
'unreserved' is determined by the koptions.  Now I've no idea what GUI's
allow you to set that option, but as I've already stated in the other
thread - I recommend it be set in the server config and all clients
ignored with the 'ignore client side k options'.  Not much point in
setting up a reserved system and allowing the clients to override it...



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