[cvsnt] Authorization to Admin to create/import a project.

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Dec 13 05:23:15 GMT 2007


> cvs chacl -u XYZ -a read,write,tag .

cvs rchacl -u XYZ -a all .
cvs rchacl -u ABC -a read,write,tag . 
cvs rchacl -u DEF -a read,write,tag . 
cvs rchacl -u GHI -a read,write,tag . 

> and in config file i changed ACLMode=none.

If you set the ACLmode to none then you are DISABLING all ACL checks...


The Users ABC,DEF,GHI will have the wirte access to the repository but
they cannot easily import any new project. Only XYZ should has the
permission to import any new project (or add any new files to an
existing project). 



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