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Sat Dec 1 21:11:51 GMT 2007

(although a process switch usually changes the memory context that a thread 
switch doesn't), and although for example the x86 CPUs have hardware support 
for task switching, AFAIK nor Linux nor Windows use it, and implement it in 
software. Both threads and processes can be executed  side by side as long 
as there are available CPUs to process them. And cores are full CPUs.

Of course you are completely right when you write "CVSNT will perform 
dramatically differently depending on how well the operating system does 
pre-emptive multi tasking and new process creation." - because that's an OS 
issue, not a CPU one. And multitasking means both "multi-thread" and 

Our applications - both Windows (usually multithreaded) and Linux (usually 
multiprocess) - scale as well on multiple CPU as on multi-core CPUs. Right 
now our cvsnt repository is run on a dual xeon "single core" machine - but I 
have really no time to run tests on our newer dual xeon quad core blades.

Luigi D. Sandon

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