[cvsnt] cvs web viewer

Mark Johnson amarkjohnson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 23:56:11 GMT 2007

I'm investigation a web based repository viewer for use with my CVSNT
2.5.03 (server) on Linux.  I was looking at bonzai, but see that most of the
posts on this site relate to ViewVC.  I would be interested in anyone's
opinion about these or others, but this is not the main reason for my post.
I am more concerned about installing it correctly to work with CVSNT.  These
both want read-only access to the raw repository. Do they access cvs with a
standard CVSROOT?  if they don't, or if they only use "local", how does this
work since it would be bypassing the lockserver?  Does this create a
problem? Is it best (from cvsnt's point of view) to run the web server and
database locally on the same server as cvsnt, or on a different server,
accessing the repository via an nfs mount?  I realize this is usually not
recommended, but I don't want to bog down my cvs server with unnecessary

Any info or previous experience would be appreciated.


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