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Bo Berglund Bo.Berglund at system3r.se
Fri Feb 2 14:28:43 GMT 2007

I cannot speak of bonzai, but I know how ViewCVS works:

1) It accesses the raw RCS files, but does so by calling the rcs
function in cvsnt
2) Consequently it does NOT use any particular CVSROOT string since cvs
is not used
3) It MUST be running on the same local machine where CVSNT itself is
4) So you have to set up Apache on that same machine in order to serve

I have installed ViewCvs in many locations but for all of these the
server was a 
Windows machine so I have no advice as to installing on Linux. :-(

Best regards,

Bo Berglund

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I'm investigation a web based repository viewer for use with my CVSNT
2.5.03 (server) on Linux.  I was looking at bonzai, but see that most of
posts on this site relate to ViewVC.  I would be interested in anyone's
opinion about these or others, but this is not the main reason for my
I am more concerned about installing it correctly to work with CVSNT.
both want read-only access to the raw repository. Do they access cvs
with a
standard CVSROOT?  if they don't, or if they only use "local", how does
work since it would be bypassing the lockserver?  Does this create a
problem? Is it best (from cvsnt's point of view) to run the web server
database locally on the same server as cvsnt, or on a different server,
accessing the repository via an nfs mount?  I realize this is usually
recommended, but I don't want to bog down my cvs server with unnecessary

Any info or previous experience would be appreciated.

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