[cvsnt] Setup server... I need help please

Alexandre O'Hara alexandre0984 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 3 19:16:54 GMT 2007


I use Turtoise CVS for almost 4 years on a server. This server doesn't exist anymore so I've deceided to add an CVS server at my server (Apache, Php, Mysql, Mail, etc...). This is the hardest server I ever had to setup. I just don't understand how to setup it... I've pass trough help files and FAQ on the net and I still don't understand. Where is the damn command line ?!?!? How can I remote acess ??? Is there any Gui to setup repository and users etc etc ???

I'm lost. I'm frustrated to be stuck by a program that is supposed to be simple... Please gimme some hints.

I need to setup this server very fast to continue my project and I need to know how creating users, let them modify their password, ad modules etc etc...


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