[cvsnt] My Firewall damaged CVS

Glen Starrett glen.starrett at march-hare.com
Wed Feb 7 00:02:17 GMT 2007

Nabil Sleiman wrote:
> After I installed a Firewall program, CVS ceased to work. It gave the message: Can't authenticate - server and client cannot agree on an authentication scheme (got ''). Uninstalling the firewall has fixed the problem.
> Would anyone know how we can make the firewall and CVS co-exist. I know that could depend on the firewall settings, which I tried in my program with no success.
> Could it the port 2401? Any ideas?

Some firewall programs break the winsock layer.  If you reinstall it and 
open port 2401 and it's still broken, make sure that it's not trying to 
intercept the communication.

You might also need to open 2402 to the localhost.  Lockserver runs on 
the same machine but only needs to be accessed from the server.


Glen Starrett

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