[cvsnt] cvsnt for word doc version control

Kerry, Richard richard.kerry at siemens.com
Fri Feb 9 13:34:08 GMT 2007


There is a plug-in for WinMerge to allow it to diff the text from a Word
I'm not sure whether this is available as part of the normal WinMerge or
whether it's part of the paid-for version of CVSNT.


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Tim Chippington Derrick wrote:

> If anyone out there has any pointers to tutorials etc on how to set 
> up to do really useful diffs on word docs, using things like 
> winmerge, then many here would be very grateful. 

There are some (mostly commercial) diff applications that can do diffs
Word and Excel files; just google around a bit, I don't have any
recommendations, but I know I saw a few over the years.

Word itself has a diff and merge feature built in. I use that sometimes:
export or checkout the copy I want to diff or merge under a different
or into a different directory, then go into Word and use its own

There seems also to be the cvsnt server diff plugin API, but I haven't
heard of anyone publishing a Word diff plugin.

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