[cvsnt] cvsnt for word doc version control

Kerry, Richard richard.kerry at siemens.com
Fri Feb 9 17:03:29 GMT 2007

>In other words are the plug-ins freely available?

That was what I was trying to ask.....

>And in what way are they pluggable into cvs?

If you use CVS via WinCvs or Tortoise and you have WinMerge selected as
your external diff program, then it "just works".  At least it does if
you have paid-for CVSNT.  I think I've tried OS WinMerge at home and
found it Just Didn't Work, and is not listed on the WinMerge website.
Over to Glen, Arthur or Tony to confirm whether the plug-in is actually
only available as part of CVS Suite or whether it's freely available
Glen's answer included in Bo's posting below does suggest it's
availability is restricted to the Suite.


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On Fri, 09 Feb 2007 09:49:18 -0600, Glen Starrett
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>Kerry, Richard wrote:
>> There is a plug-in for WinMerge to allow it to diff the text from a
>> file.
>> I'm not sure whether this is available as part of the normal WinMerge
>> whether it's part of the paid-for version of CVSNT.
>Hi Richard -- WinMerge itself is Free.  CVS Suite bundles WinMerge with

>the Word / Excel / Powerpoint add-ins.

But have these plug-ins been developed by MarchHare outside of open
source or are they supplied from somewhere else??
In other words are the plug-ins freely available?

I have been using WinMerge for several years and I have not seen such
a plug-in anywhere.

And in what way are they pluggable into cvs?
Do we need to separately check out the two versions of say a Word
document an then push them into WinMerge to see the differences??
Or is there some other way?


(Bo Berglund, developer in Sweden)
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