[cvsnt] Forcing binary behavior

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Feb 15 23:36:07 GMT 2007


>  I have to believe there is overhead in 
> storing it as text 

You don't have to believe that - since it's not true ;)

> and since I don't want 
> any of the features you get from 
> storing it as text 
> I was hoping I could turn it off.

It's not really "turning it off", its "turning on binary support".

If you don't want the "overheards" of text, but it is not binary then
the correct setting is -ko (ie: keyword expansion off).  To set a file
that is kkv (text) as ko do this:
cvs update -ko filename.ext
cvs commit -f -m "force this to disable keyword expansion" filename.ext



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