[cvsnt] CVSNT service user and impersonation

Rick Martin rsmandcam at _NO_SPAM_sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 28 16:55:07 GMT 2007

> Maybe you can run the whole service as a user that has the necessary rights
> (not as SYSTEM) and don't use impersonation; run it all as that user. There
> are two locations: the service configuration and the cvsnt applet. I'm not
> sure which one would have to be set to that user, but I think it doesn't
> hurt to set them both.
> Gerhard

Hi Gerhard,

In the past I had the service running that way. However, I ran into
problems either with ViewCVS or CVSMailer. I can't remember the exact
details now :(. Swithcing to SYSTEM for the service resolved the problem.
It's something I'll explore again.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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