[cvsnt] CVSNT server slow on "small" tasks

Andrea Polci andrea.polci at eng.it
Sun Jan 7 17:19:17 GMT 2007

Andrea Polci ha scritto:
> Recently we made some changes on our cvs server:
> ...
> The behavior of the server has changed in a strange way:
> - small tasks like extracting the history are now really slow. Something 
> like 10 seconds instead of 1 or 2 seconds.
> - big tasks like checking out an entire project are now faster. 
> Something like half the time they took before.
> It seems that the login time itself is really long compared to the old 
> server.
> ...
> Is it possible that I messed up something in the configuration? 

The answer as expected was yes: I've messd upt the configuration and I 
should have looked better before asking: just by checkign the "don't 
resolve client names" option the problem disappeared.

Thanks the same.
Andrea Polci

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