[cvsnt] How to capture new IP addres of the CVSNT server into mycopy?

Petr Prikryl PrikrylP at skil.cz
Mon Jan 8 12:34:00 GMT 2007

Peter Crowther
> > From: Petr Prikryl
> > Is there any way how to update my local copy so that the new 
> > IP address of the CVSNT server was captured into many 
> > CVS/Root files in many subdirectories? [...]
> If the sandbox is on Windows, WinCVS has a macro to change
> the CVSROOT recursively - you might wish to use that.

Thanks, Peter and David, for the hint. I wrote a quick-hack python
to do that instead (doxygen project):

import os

def visit(arg, dirname, names):
    p, subdir = os.path.split(dirname)
    if subdir == 'CVS':
        RootName = os.path.join(dirname, 'Root')
        print RootName
        f = open(RootName, 'w')
        f.write(':pserver:anonymous at cvs.planetsaphire.com:/cvsroot\n')

os.path.walk('.', visit, None)


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