[cvsnt] Mergepoint issues on b2382

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.local
Fri Jan 12 16:22:18 GMT 2007

Andreas Krey wrote:

> This is not what the patch does, obviously. It chooses the diff from
> 1.2 to to be merged into the head. You need to used the base
> of the last merge arrow as the base version for the merge, not the tip.

But 1.2 is *not* an ancestor of, so the merge is bogus.

All you've done is degraded merge into a simple copy.  In a true merging 
situation the two branches can easily follow independent paths and never 
be identical to each other - mergepoints are designed to help you 
extract the difference between two points on the *same* branch.  What 
you seem to want is not mergepoints but a copy operation.


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