[cvsnt] Mergepoint issues on b2382

Harrison, Andy andy.harrison at anite.com
Sun Jan 14 13:27:31 GMT 2007

All - 

Andreas only has a Solaris build of the patched version. Is there anyone else that has a Win32 build they could send?


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> Let's first see what happens here (patched cvsnt):
>   sd [~/null/ak] 529: cvs update -jtmp-ak-test-br t4.txt 
>   RCS file: /opt/cvs/null/ak/t4.txt,v
>   retrieving revision 1.2
>   retrieving revision
>   Merging differences between 1.2 and into t4.txt

Do I take it from the above that you have a built version with the patch in it? Which released version is it based on? Other than the discussed patch (and presumably a change to the version number), is there any other unofficial code in it? Would you be able to send me the built version? I'm having some problems trying to build it myself. If that would be ok, let me know and I'll contact you off-list to discuss the best way to send it.


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