[cvsnt] Mergepoint issues on b2382

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Mon Jan 15 13:02:53 GMT 2007

Tony Hoyle wrote:
> btw. evs now has an option to enable this behaviour (not on by default). 
>  Not decided how strong to make the warning though.. whether to say 'use 
> this and you might lose stuff' or simply document that it only works 
> correctly in certain usage scenarios.
Just read the other message.  I chose -i to enable it (inverse 
mergepoints, given that -b was used :p).

I agree a message every time it's used is not a good idea - that's 
reserved for things you really want to stop people using.. and is 
usually a precursor to the removal of an option - I wouldn't put it in 

I'm prepared to be persuaded on the merits of -J if you've got a good 
reason for it.  My own thinking of making nearly identical options like 
that is it doesn't work with the .cvsrc files.


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