[cvsnt] US Daylight Savings schedule change in 2007

Kerry, Richard richard.kerry at siemens.com
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Of course for some of us, indeed many of us, the US Daylight saving time
arrangements are completely irrelevant.....

The UK arrangements are, I believe, technically at the whim of the
Admiralty, and hence not strictly predictable at all.  Although in
practice they are published a bit in advance (though UK diaries tend to
state that they are not confirmed at the time of publishing), and do
tend to correspond to some European standard.

This is all to say that no bit of software, CVS or otherwise, should
attempt to predict any of this, or be written with any assumption about
where the user is situated, or what time it is.
And indeed as far as I know, the only time that CVSNT uses is the UTC
(or GMT) time.  Local times are displayed by arrangement with the OS.

As ever,

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Hi Mark,

I believe CVSNT gets the date information entirely from the OS.  As long

as you are up to date there, you shouldn't have any problem.


Glen Starrett
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