[cvsnt] Is it possible to limit client versions even more?

bwhicks at aep.com bwhicks at aep.com
Wed Jan 24 14:38:06 GMT 2007

cvsnt-bounces at cvsnt.org wrote on 01/24/2007 09:16:36 AM:

> In the various *info scripts in the CVSROOT directory (i.e. taginfo, 
> commitinfo, etc) you can pass the client version number to a separate 
> script (i.e. perl, vbscript) and check it. If you return a non-zero exit 

> code, it will fail the cvs action. 

oh yeah, I think the client version is %i in these scripts, so you'd add a 
line like:

ALL clientVersionChecker.pl %i

to the appropriate *info file. Not sure if %i is available in all of 
these, or just certain ones. Tony or Arthur would have to comment on that, 


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