[cvsnt] Can a CVSNT client run on an AIX system that has CVSinstalled and active on it?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Jul 9 02:51:07 BST 2007


>   on an AIX system running CVS? I only need the CVSNT client 
> working which will point to

In theory yes.  You'll need to ./configure it with a suitable --prefix
so that when you "make install" it doesn't overwrite your existing

I'm not sure if anyone has ever compiled CVSNT on AIX, I believe that
the way shared libraries work on AIX may mean it is not a simple
compile.  If you get it running please send any patches or build
instructions to cvsnt-dev.  Use build source.

CVS clients work fine with CVSNT server though, but you wont get bug
id's (change sets, though the next release does have a way to conver
messages to bug ids) and mergepoints (which is probably why you want the
CVSNT client).


Arthur Barrett

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