[cvsnt] rename breakage

Bryce Schober bryce.schober at dynonavionics.com
Tue Jul 10 00:54:16 BST 2007

In an attempt to work around this problem, I re-named the file back to its
original file name. After that, client updates received the error "cvs
server: nothing known about <original_filename>". Panic ensued. I looked at
the repo via viewvc, which showed it still there (with the original
filename), as well as the interesting .directory_history file. Looking
inside of that file, I didn't think that the differences between revisions
made sense. Looking in the revision log of the twice-renamed file didn't
show any record of the renames, so I took a random stab in the dark and
renamed the .directory_history,v file in the server's repository,
pre-pending "BAK". Voila! Everything magically worked! Though I now so no
record of either rename (as I expected).

So, a couple questions:
- Should I run screaming in horror from this kind of workaround, or is it a
reasonable solution to my current problem?
- What additional data would you like from me to help fix this serious
breakage in advertised-working functionality?

Bryce Schober

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