[cvsnt] Out of memory error on CVS log

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Jul 10 21:24:25 BST 2007


> I'm getting the following error on a cvs log command:
> cvs [server aborted]: out of memory; can not reallocate 
> 415236096 bytes

Do you have binary files in the repository?  What is the size of the
largest file in the repository (the one that gives this message?

There is a bug in the MS C run time that causes far more memory to be
used by CVS when there are very large (eg: >300Mb) revisions in an RCS
file.  This is fixed in the next release (ie: not the current one), but
I am not convinced that this is your problem.

> CVSNT server version:

Try upgrading to and re-test and send as much info as you
can about the file being processed.


Arthur Barrett

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