[cvsnt] Out of memory error on CVS log

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Jul 10 22:18:08 BST 2007

> Yes the file is a binary. the size if the file is 5700KB and 

5.7Mb is a little small for the C run time library problem, so it is
more likely to be something else - most likely fixed in a more recent

> as stated earlier the repository for the file is 576691KB.

The repository size is irrelevant - rlog processes one file at a time.

> Isn't my current version of CVSNT newer then the one you 
> suggest? vs

3 > 1. is more recent than

> I have to be careful as my company is in the midst of a big 
> release. so changing the CVS version may not be advisable right away.

You may be interested in looking at our commercially supported versions

Take a copy of your REPO and put on a desktop and install the 2382
server and client on the desktop and test there...


Arthur Barrett

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