[cvsnt] Update trouble with extra checkouts

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Thu Jul 19 16:06:15 BST 2007

Tony Hoyle wrote:

> Gerhard Fiedler wrote:
>> <P:\1\2>21>cvs -n up
> That's your problem - the only -n option that's supported is -n co (for 
> ls support for older clients).  Others may work by accident (although 
> I'm not sure what use -n status is for example but haven't done so 
> properly for years (for example even in cvs 1.10 cvs -n up would modify 
> the sandbox).

Well, I gave it a shot and repeated everything without -n, but the behavior
is the exact same. No difference, so my questions still stand.

With one exception, though: I know now where the root checkout goes that
"update ." causes (VSS.zip is a file that I have in the root of the

<P:\1\2>47>cvs up .
cvs server: Updating .
cvs server: Updating Documents
cvs server: Updating Electronics
cvs server: Updating Firmware
cvs server: Updating Firmware/Board
cvs server: Updating Manuals
cvs server: Updating Manuals/RFPaddles
cvs server: Updating Mechanics
cvs server: Updating Parts
cvs server: Updating .
U VSS.zip

 7/07/19  11:58         <DIR>    .
 7/07/19  11:58         <DIR>    ..
 6/05/31  15:35              12  .cvsignore
 7/07/10  20:25           1,190  0index.txt
 7/07/19  11:58         <DIR>    1
 7/07/16  11:51         <DIR>    Documents
 7/07/13  17:10         <DIR>    Electronics
 7/07/19  11:57         <DIR>    Firmware
 7/07/19  11:57         <DIR>    Firmware.Sender
 7/07/12  18:31         <DIR>    Manuals
 7/06/26  13:14         <DIR>    Mechanics
 7/06/28  13:04         <DIR>    Parts
 3/09/23  16:07      67,842,409  VSS.zip

The file VSS.zip and the directory "1" are the result of the update of the
repository root that is performed by this command (neither has been there
before the "update ." command).

This is at least surprising (to me), and I'm not sure it's working as


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