[cvsnt] sessionid as foreign key

bwhicks at aep.com bwhicks at aep.com
Thu Jul 19 16:36:47 BST 2007

cvsnt-bounces at cvsnt.org wrote on 07/19/2007 10:51:00 AM:

> Not sure, but if it did reach 68000, more than 2 bytes are definitely
> supported and it will probably go to 2^31-1 or even further :)

The field auto-increments inside the DB2 database, so that number hasn't 
necessarily crossed the ODBC border. The question here, I think, is 
whether ODBC drops it or cvsnt drops it. I somehow doubt cvs drops it, or 
other people would have noticed. Unless no one is actually looking at 
their audit logs. :P Anyway, I think Tony or Arthur would have to answer 
that, unless someone else knows how to read the source code. 

I'm wondering if using a native DB2 audit plugin might help.


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