[cvsnt] what is the command to find the list of the files changed in a check-in

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Sun Jul 22 15:05:58 BST 2007

Tony Hoyle wrote:

>>> No need to do that, just use the @commitid syntax.
>>> eg. cvs -q log -SR -r@{commitID}
>>> or cvs diff -r@<{commitID} -r@{commitID}
>> Interesting, thanks :)
>> It seems the real command would look like
>>   cvs -q log -SR -r at 8804650d0eb1722
>> (At least to me this wasn't completely obvious.)
>> Is there more of this type? Is this somewhere documented? (A search through
>> the manual for "commitid" or "commit id" didn't bring up anything
>> relevant.)
> Pretty much anywhere you can use a tag you can use a commitid.. we
> probably should compile a list of 'useful' commands like that - it's in
> the documentation but you have to know what you're looking for as it's a
> bit scattered.

I've added to the scatter; it's now in the Wiki FAQ :)

Where in the documentation is this mentioned?

> There's the same kind of thing for bugids too except that's normally 
> done as a separate option (maybe it shouldn't be...  for evs there's the 
> chance to change it).

Is there a chance that some of these are being used together (so to speak
as orthogonal concepts)? Say a tag that's on some files of a bugid but not
on others, so that you want to use tag and bugid together. Probably rare...


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