[cvsnt] OT: support.cvsgui newsgroup dead?

Mark Spacw markspace at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 30 03:32:47 BST 2007

Gerhard Fiedler wrote:
 > Tony Hoyle wrote:
 >> Yahoo groups had stopped sending messages again and this time it wasn't
 >> even logging it on my yahoo account as failing in some way, and I
 >> couldn't find a way to re-enable it.  It had done this for a couple of
 >> weeks (since June 15th) so I removed the newsgroup from the active list
 >> until I figure out a way of getting the messages reliably.
 > Thanks. I'm not sure for what you are using the Yahoo groups in this
 > configuration. If you would have the time to lay out how this news/email
 > gateway works, maybe someone can propose a solution.
 > Strange is that Mark Spacw says that he is still getting the messages 
 > the news server.

Maybe I am confused what is being asked.  I'm not using Yahoo groups at 
all, so I don't know about that system.  I'm using the news server at 
news.cvsnt.org directly, with no intermediary.

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