[cvsnt] SSPI on Mac OS X client?

Jim Hyslop jimh at view22.com
Tue Jun 5 15:30:58 BST 2007

Tony Hoyle wrote:
> The Unix SSPI Client uses NTLMv1 which is often not enabled 
> on active directory these days.  You might also need to 
> specify a domain.
> If you check the audit logs on the AD server it will give 
> more information.
> You may also be able to get gserver working depending on 
> whether OSX has registered its host key & done a kinit on 
> login etc. (last time I checked it didn't but that was a while ago).

Thanks for the tips, Tony. I'll have to pass on the info to our IT dept - I know nothing about NTLM and very little about Active Directory (I know enough to know that I don't know enough to do anything safely :-)


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