[cvsnt] Memory allocation error help

Glen Starrett glen.starrett at march-hare.com
Wed Jun 6 00:33:55 BST 2007

Chris Terenzi wrote:
> Hi, I have a CVSNT repository that contains a number of large-ish binary
> files. While attempting to checkout one of my modules today (over 500
> MB) I received the dreaded "out of memory; can not reallocate 335544320
> bytes" error. We will soon be moving to a better solution for our binary
> files, but in the meantime, what can I do to alleviate my woes. I am
> currently using build, would upgrading to be
> recommended? I tried increasing my VM, but that did not work. 

Sounds like this is on a Win32 machine.  We have a patch in our 
commercial build that will be in the next 2.5.04 release (some time 
soon, I think).  You could also purchase commercial support and use our 
fix now.

Another immediate (and no cost) option would be to move to a *nix 
server, which doesn't have the Win memory issues that require this 


Glen Starrett
Technical Account Manager, North America
March Hare Software, LLC


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