[cvsnt] Q: Is CVSNT dead? A: No.

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Wed Jun 6 00:43:46 BST 2007

Arthur Barrett wrote:

> If you would like to volunteer to keep the wiki up to date, please
> volunteer.

I started to get myself into the habit of adding useful info I find on this
list to the wiki. It's a learn process :)

> Some things that I am working on to make progress clearer:
> * an HTML/Wiki view of the "latest checkins" (currently the
> [cvsnt-commits] newsgroup)
> * an HTML/Wiki view of the "latest user messages" (currently the [cvsnt]
> newsgroup)
> * an automated daily build system with results viewable on the web

Thanks for giving this some thoughts and effort. What I feel is missing
most is a complete list of complete release notes, starting at some point
and then going into the future. 

With the double "complete" I mean that if I start with today's release and
then read the release notes history backwards to, say, the release I have
installed, I get to know everything that has been changed between my
release and the current one. This requires that the release notes for a
release contain everything relevant that changed since the last release
with a release note was published, and that the complete sequence of
release notes is collected somewhere.

So far, we have to rely mostly on the memory of list members for this. 


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