[cvsnt] Q: Is CVSNT dead? A: No.

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Wed Jun 6 13:59:38 BST 2007

Arthur Barrett wrote:

>> Thanks for giving this some thoughts and effort. What I feel is missing
>> most is a complete list of complete release notes, starting at some
>> point and then going into the future. 
> In future it will be as you have described (for CVSNT, EVS will take
> longer) - but I can't do anything about the past.  

I know, that's why I wrote "starting at some point and then going into the
future". It's (almost) obvious that you wouldn't go back and write this for
past releases :)

> The relnotes.rtf file will have this information for all new releases
> (for 2.5.04 the information will only be accurate POST RC1).

It would be nice to have this file (and any possible past versions of it,
once there are such) accessible without having to install (or even
download) the whole package. Maybe linked to from the download page in the


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