[cvsnt] Is there a changelog anywhere for CVSNT?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed Jun 6 22:50:42 BST 2007


> Forgive the ignorance, but where are the instructions for it?  


Note: all that said - the example is wrong.  Should be:
cvs edit filename
cvs rename filename filename2
cd ..
cvs commit directory

The "isntructions" do allude to that, but the example is misleading.

Usual caveats apply - try it once on a copy of your repository that you
do not mind discarding if something goes horribly wrong...

>  I know this is probably very premature to ask, but is 
> there any targeted date for a release version? 

I mostly work on the commercial side, and yes we have a very definite
plan of releases.  Tony will mark a version open source stable when he
feels it is ready for that moniker.

I may release more information in about 3 weeks when our progress on the
current plan can be better measured, or I may leave it until the next

> Will EVS be backwards compatible with older CVS clients?

EVS will accept connections from a variety of older clients, the exact
list is still being determined.



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