[cvsnt] Undo Commit?

Kerry, Richard richard.kerry at siemens.com
Tue Jun 12 16:38:20 BST 2007


But, surely that's impossible ?    ;-)

There isn't a 1.2 version (or 1.1) until it's been committed.
The first person to commit generates the 1.1 version, so he can't have
committed the 1.2 version, as until it's committed it has no version,
and if it's the first, when committed, it becomes 1.1.

Or are you trying to use CVS for some sort of prefiltered file control,
rather than for Version Control in the way we know and love ?


I think I do know what the OP meant, but it's the sort of posting that
seems to deserve, rather than a literal explanation, a "what's the
process you're trying to implement ?" response (which usually comes from

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Hi Every one,
  My colleague, accidentally commited a file which he is not supposed to
do that now.
  Say    Test.ear 1.2 , he has to commit this version only after I have
committed Test.ear 1.1 version.
  But he accidentally committed the 1.2 version ahead.
  What can i do now.
  please help me its really urgent.

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