[cvsnt] Undo Commit?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Fri Jun 15 00:49:18 BST 2007


> 1) Modifying the log message if it has been mistakenly copied 
> from the previous commit in WinCvs. Happens now and then and 
> is misleading in future reading of the logs.

hmmm.... Not so sure where I stand on that.  If a particular GUI makes
this an "easy mistake to make" then it'd be probably better to fix that

If users really need to modify a comment on a revision (or even expand
the comment on a revision) the modification probably should be
versioned.  In EVS properties are certainly versioned - but I don't know
if it's possible to change the version of a property without changing
the version of the object that it is a property of...

> 2) When one stores binaries (like we do), the principle is 
> that normally only tagged releases should be committed. But 
> this tends to be forgotten and a large number of intermediate 
> unusable binaries (exe file for instance) get committed. THis 
> in turn leads to the RCS file growing to a very large size on 
> the server, which then leads to the slowing down of cvs 
> operations on that module. If you consider that, an admin 
> command that simply cuts away a number of non-useful 
> intermediate binaries is really handy to reduce the RCS file size.

I agree with Tony's comments on this point.  Also due to a bug in the MS
C runtime library - windows servers handle large RCS files very very
poorly.  The next build includes some workarounds for that.



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