[cvsnt] cvs [diff aborted]: Local access to network share not supported (use -N to override this error)

Joseph Koenig jkoenig at broadcom.com
Wed Jun 20 22:36:37 BST 2007

I have searched the archives and realize that this is preceived to be
dangerous. I know the warnings, and I understand why the warning is
there. When I do my commmits and checkouts I am not using wincvs, and I
am SSHed into a server where I am not working locally. 

I am just using wincvs as an easy way to diff files before I commit them
from a remote linux session. 

How do I pass this -N argument? I have searched and not found this
answer, which I desperately need. In a prior thread someone has
mentioned putting this into a .cvsrc file, which again, I  don't know
where this file is supposed to be placed when I am operating directly in
windows, especially given that it isn't a valid windows name.


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