[cvsnt] ext application for both sspi and ssh

Mark Johnson amarkjohnson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 16:36:36 GMT 2007

I am currently using Tortoise along with cvsnt (full client install) to use
the extnt option for my "ext" protocol, to allow me to configure sspi for
eclipse.  I now have need to access another repository using ssh from the
same client (from tortoise, not from eclipse).  My tortoise configuration
points my "SSH application" to "C:\Program Files\CVSNT\extnt.exe"

1. Is there a way to configure tortoise to use different options, or is this
a single "global" setting.

2. Is there a way to configure extnt to redirect to plink for ssh?

I posted this to both the tortoise and cvsnt lists since I think the
question may apply to both

I have tortoise 1.8.28 and cvsnt 2.5.03


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