[cvsnt] CVSNT and Windows XP Pro x64

Michael Wojcik Michael.Wojcik at microfocus.com
Tue Mar 6 01:19:50 GMT 2007

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> Sent: Monday, 05 March, 2007 19:25
> The event log talks about the user not being able to login.

Details would be useful.  Note that if you view the details of an event
using Event Viewer, you can copy the contents to the clipboard, either
by clicking the appropriate button or by selecting and copying the text.

I recommend checking the security policy (run secpol.msc).  For example,
check User Rights Assignment to see if the account that the CVSNT server
is running under has the Impersonation right.

At this point, it sounds like everything is working properly - you just
have Windows configured in such a way that it won't let CVSNT do what it
wants to do.  The fix will be to alter the Windows security
configuration (or possibly the configuration of the CVSNT service,
though that's less likely).

Michael Wojcik
Principal Software Systems Developer, Micro Focus

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