[cvsnt] viewvc repecting cvsnt's ACLs

jurgen.depicker at let.be jurgen.depicker at let.be
Wed Mar 7 20:53:06 GMT 2007

Dear all, 
Is there anyone out there who knows how to solve this problem: 
I set up security on my ubuntu cvs server using cvsnt's acls.  But of 
course (or at least: of course to me...) viewvc (or viewcvs) doesn't care 
about my ACLs.  Anyone any ideas about how to solve this? 
I read something about an apache module authenticating against 
/etc/shadow.  But then I would need to set up everywhere .htaccess files 
based on the fileatr.xml files of cvsnt.  So it must be possible to do 
this with a script ruinning via a cron job.   But it seems like a big 
headache.  Maybe one of you knows about a more elegant solution? 

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