[cvsnt] chroot problems

Jürgen Depicker jurgen.depicker at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 19:47:30 GMT 2007

Dear all,
I use the Jailkit package to jail my ssh users.  Very good 
functionality, if only... they could still access cvs, which at present 
they can't.
Strange situation.  Basically, what I would like to achieve, is that a 
user cannot browse to the cvs repository in their terminal window, or 
using an scp tool like WinSCP.  Therefore I jailed them into 
The cvs repo is still at /home/cvs .

But now, when they do eg
cvs -d :ext:<user>@<server>:/home/cvs rls
the server complains: /home/cvs : no such directory.

I don't understand.  I set the /etc/cvs/PServer option
RunAsUser cvs
(cvs being the user created for the cvs server and not jailed: it's home 
is still /home/cvs).

It seems the server still runs as the user given in the $CVSROOT.

If I move my cvs tree to the jail, users will be able to see all source 
code, which is not the intention...  ACLs don't work for file browsing.  
What can I do?


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