[cvsnt] cvs export/checkout with tag

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Tue Mar 13 16:52:17 GMT 2007

Bo Berglund wrote:
> But the logic seems flawed anyway, why should CVSNT scan the whole
> repository for the supplied tag?
> It seems much more logical to check the requested module for the tag
> during the export of the files in the module that match the call.

It's a hangover from old cvs which I think got removed in 2.5.04 but I'm 
not sure (try a testing version).  If cvs doesn't know about a tag it'll 
scan the entire repository looking for it... which isn't a win really 
and should have been got rid of a while ago.

evs of course knows which tags exist in which modules automatically so 
doesn't have the issue.


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