[cvsnt] cvs update: Cannont handle year-specific DST clues in TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION

Alexander Mai Alexander.Mai at NOSPAM.org
Thu Mar 15 20:25:09 GMT 2007

Tony Hoyle wrote:
> It'll be the client giving the error then.  Something has corrupted the
> timezone information on that machine - have you tried on another machine
> with the same stick?
> You won't see anything on NTFS as no conversion is necessary.
> Tony

Not yet - so far I had just performed a "manual" read on another
machine, no CVS client.
I just formatted another USB stick (FAT32) and started a clean check
out. The problem occurs even then, so it is not about strange dates in
the existing check out copy on that stick.

Actually it does check out, but it's very slow. (and still no idea what
it does when I'd try to work on that version, i.e. check in, compare, etc.)


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