[cvsnt] Couldn't open default trigger library - SOLUTION

Nabil Abou-Sleiman nabil.sleiman at bigpond.com
Fri Mar 16 22:22:04 GMT 2007

 	Hi Guys, I am not sure if this question has been answered.
 Lately I suddenly got the same problem, and it took my sleep to find out
 	1. It had nothing to do with any dlls!
 	2. The source of the problem is NOT on the server but there in
 the client PC.
 	3. I checked the differences and found out that the problem file
 is ROOT in the CVS folder.
 	It has the path to the module, for example:
 	:sspi:My Name at MyComputer:/CVS/            WRONG - CVS accepts
 that but other DLLs do not!
 	:sspi;username="My Name":sleiman:/CVS/CVSROOT
 	better if you can use the defaults.
 	One symptom caused by this bug is that the keywords substitution
 won't work.

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