[cvsnt] 200+ modules in one repo

Aleksander Pahor Aleksander.Pahor at hermes-softlab.com
Wed Mar 21 09:17:08 GMT 2007

Thanks Jim!
This amount of modules is needed because each team develops a different set of stress, smoke, regression, unit tests + diffent tools. They want it this way - I just have to deliver. The product, specs and so on are already so large they use 15 GB of repo. But till now I only had 20 modules.
All your recommandations are very usefull. I already use all of them (DNS alias, backup, fiberchannel RAID controllers, 2 x 1GB ethernet). Till now it proved to be enough. I just want to manage the expectations of ppl approving HW upgrades of servers. I have to order at least some months in advance to be "in budget". That's why I was interested in problems other ppl encounter when managing this many modules.
Thank you again and best regards,

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