[cvsnt] Modules2 - Selecting file types for folder and subfolders

Chris Gomez cagomez at cellbycell.com
Thu Mar 22 16:38:56 GMT 2007

I read through as many months of Modules2 threads as I could, but I am
not clear on whether the behavior I need is supported.  Bo Berglund's
answer to a message is probably the answer, but I think I am not
familiar enough with CVSNT "under the hood" to get it.

My problem:
I have a physical repository with a module we'll call: "WebSite"
WebSite has many subfolders and subfolders.

What I want is a "view" module (called WebSiteBuild) defined in
modules2 that on checkout only retrieves certain file types (for my
example we'll say: .asp, .htm, .dll) in all the folders and

My attempt is this:
WebPub = WebSite/Code (\.asp$|\.htm$|\.dll$)

What I am getting is a module with just the asp, htm, and dll files
retrieved, but only for the top directory.  Subdirectories aren't
being recursed into.

If I did this:
WebPub = WebSite/Code

then recursion into subfolders works fine.

Is the issue that once I specify a filetype regexp, I can't recurse
anymore?  I wonder also if the regexp itself is the culprit.

What I am trying to do is separate the "output" that gets distributed
to production from the code that makes up that output.  I want the
developers to be able to work on the "WebSite" module and tag it
freely, but then output a "release" version without the code (c++
files, other source code that is not interpreted at runtime) from that
same tag.  I feel this will keep the code and output together, and the
production team can have exact markers as to where executables came

I'm normally not a fan of version controlling "output" (like a dll),
but even if we removed that from the problem, I'm still not seeing any
recursion into subdirectories.

Thank you all for your time,
Chris Gomez
cagomez _ cellbycell _ com

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