[cvsnt] cvs export/checkout with tag

Slothouber F (Frans) (InTraffic) Frans.Slothouber at InTraffic.nl
Mon Mar 26 07:34:02 BST 2007

Hoi Bo,

Thanks for all the explanations.

> On Wed, 21 Mar 2007 13:25:30 +0100, "Slothouber F (Frans) (InTraffic)"
> <Frans.Slothouber at InTraffic.nl> wrote:
> >> Directories are not versioned or tagged so they get created.
> >
> >I can live with that.
> >
> >It is not very consistent though. 
> >cvsnt does give an error message if you export a module with a
> >non-existent tag.
> THe bugger here is that if a tag is not found in the CVSROOT/valtags
> file then CVSNT will scan the whole repository to try to find it in
> order to record the tag in that file. Only after failing that will it
> output the error message, but this tells you that the tag does not
> exist anywhere.
> Why CVSNT should bother at all depends on very old code that has not
> been removed yet. But in EVS it apparently is no longer doing this.

Going to give the evs testbuild a spin on our test-server and hope
finishes it is soon :)
> The effect of this when you specify a tag that *does* exist but has
> not yet been recorded in the CVSROOT/valtags file is that before CVS
> will even start doing your command it scans the entire repository for
> it and as soon as it is found it is recorded in valtags and the actual
> checkout/export starts.
> Next time the operation is much quicker since the valtags file now
> contains the tag.

Sadly we had to disable the val-tags file.

A while ago we had a problem where every so many days cvs would 
stop working and complain about a 'duplicate key'.  

Everytime the file val-tags turned out to be corrupt, 
and the problem could be solved by deleting the val-tags file by hand.

To minimize down-time we linked val-tags to /dev/null. 
This took care of the 'duplicate key', but did result in a slow server.

We know why :)

Have fun,

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