[cvsnt] Corrupted files

Aleksander Pahor Aleksander.Pahor at hermes-softlab.com
Tue Mar 27 12:59:59 BST 2007

Hi Flavio!
>Running antivirus (or some other realtime file inspection) or using
>network shares for the repository(server) or sandbox(client)?

OK. Now I am closer ...

Doing a checkout of the module to a local drive doesn't result in corruption. 
The sandbox is checkouted (without username specified in CVSROOT) on a network share. Than this share is mapped to a drive letter trough policies. All users use this network share to access files. They usually don't need to develop concurently one file at the same time - so one sandbox looks like a static-view in clearcase (core development is versioned by CC). We use cvsnt for documentation and testing. This setup has worked OK so far - without any problems for the last 2,5 years.
Is there any way I can keep this scenario with getting corrupted files? Most of those users are not skilled enogh to keep their sandboxes up-to-date and the backup space which would be taken is really big ...
Best regards,

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